Web Design & Graphic Design

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Custom Web Designing
Production particularly for a client can be termed as custom and when such process takes place in website designing then it’s known as Custom Website designing. In such a website designing, websites are specifically designed in accordance with the client’s needs.
In this era of internet marketing what matters the most is proper understanding of psychology of the first time visitors so as to engage engaging them for a few seconds of visiting the home page. Initial 20 seconds of browsing by the new visitor is very critical in forming an opinion and therefore beautiful and stylish designs with attractive features of the website are integral to internet marketing.
At Nikoa Technologies we ensure that designing and feature of your website looks unique and catchy. Our team will be taking care of all the aspects after understanding your vision and target and making the concept document very clear after having thorough discussion about your focus areas, flow of traffic and your competitor’s visible strategies.
On top of all, we being into SEO services very well understand the concept of search engine friendly platforms. Our team at Nikoa Technologies will put together all the right components of each skill for maximizing the richness and perfection of all the right elements for building a world class website which is stunning enough to hold on to your visitor’s attention and give him flawless experience for accessing the desired information.

Graphic Designing
Graphic designing requires creativity along with vision to generate something astounding which can instantly grab someone’s attention. Nikoa Technologies , leading website designing company in India, is the pathfinder in the field of graphic designing.
Creating User Centric Design involves the unique imagination capabilities of the designer which is to analyze and foresee the behavior of end users, before and during the various stages of development process.
To make the user friendly product interface, which is the ultimate in creating these designs, real world tests are done for validation of assumptions made. Also the corrections and changes are done on continuous basis at every step.
As the name suggests, User Centric Products focus on the behavior and expectation of the end user and that determines the design process. In view of fact that User Centric Design creation is a long design & development process, it is not appropriate to opt this for designing each and every site. Only sites which directly focus on the end customer are preferred candidates for implementation of this design & development process.

Dynamic Web Designing
Dynamic content refers to the type of content that is generated when request for the page is raised by the user in the web browser. For such type of content one needs a dynamic website and designing of such a website is known as Dynamic Website Designing.

Static Web Designing
Static content refers to the regular files on your server which are handled with the help of simplest methods available on the web browser . To display static content in a web browser a website is needed and designing of such a website is known as Static Website Designing.